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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  How does electrostatic disinfection works?

Electrostatic disinfection is a quick and easy way to achieve 360 degree, touchless disinfection. While it may sound complicated, the technology is simple to understand.

Electrostatic sprayers use positive and negative charges to make disinfecting solutions electromagnetically stick to targeted surfaces. For example, no matter which angle you disinfect a surface from, the charge created by the electrostatic sprayer makes the disinfectant wrap around and cling to the entire surface.

While there are a variety of electrostatic sprayers on the market, we use Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayers, which have ETL Certifications. This means that their equipment meets all the minimum safety standard requirements established by OSHA and carried out by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. Their disinfecting tablets are EPA registered.


 02  How long does electrostatic disinfection take?

This will depend on the size of the area being disinfected. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to clean and disinfect each room in a hospital using traditional methods.

It is important to follow application instructions in order to meet kill claims. It takes the 2-10 minutes to thoroughly disinfect. After that, you are ready to use your facility.


 03  What does it fight against?

This is depend on the disinfectants used. TrustFacility uses EPA registered disinfectant cleaner kill 99.99% if bacteria found in biofilm, C. Difficile, TB and other viral and fungal infections within just 10 minutes.


 04  Is it effective against COVID-19?

​Yes, our disinfectant has maximum 10 minutes kill claims for coronaviurs.



 05  How long does it last?

Electrostatic disinfection does not create a protective barrier. It disinfects, or kills, unwanted pathogens from every targeted surface, but won’t protect those surfaces from becoming infected again.


That being said, institutions like medical facilities, schools and gyms may require electrostatic disinfection more frequently because they are introduced to new, potentially harmful pathogens on a daily basis.

 06  Is it safe to use on/around electronics?

Electrostatic disinfection can be safely performed around electronics such as laptops, monitors and keyboards as long as it is not applied directly at close range. We recommend putting away paper documents, along with anything else you don’t want sprayed before the scheduled service.

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